Polywrapping is the fastest, most economical and most efficient method of enclosing and mailing brochures, catalogues, books or magazines.  Inexpensive and lighter compared with an equivalent paper envelope, it provides a perfect solution to ‘wrap’ promotional items, newspapers or flyers, outshining its paper envelope counterpart and affording great savings. Laser Logic's Polywrapping service proffers an easy to open mailing solution with invaluable advertising benefits.


We are mailing experts providing direct mail, polywrapping and data services for companies throughout Singapore. With quality approved services including complementing mailing options such as laser printing, ink jetting, data processing, bulk mailing and many more, we are fully equipped to cater to your specific mailing needs.

Our Mailing’ polyethylene wrapping lines can accommodate up to 7 onserts (additional items applied onto a product prior to wrapping, as opposed to inserts which go inside an item). Offering both landscape and portrait-oriented feeding, this caters to stationery items of various sizes and thickness.

As one of the leading polywrapping machines in the Singapore, renowned for the speed, quality and efficiency of its equipment. On the other hand, our Polywrapping systems are used by mailing and printing companies that require comprehensive wrapping solutions.

Our polywrapping services can handle various marketing materials including:

  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • CDs
  • Guides
  • Magazines
  • Flyers
  • Periodicals
  • Journals
  • Newspapers

Our machines are fitted with “tight wrap” and film registration units that help increase the quality and accuracy of the polywrap. With lines that can accommodate items up to 40mm thick and sizes ranging from A6 to A3, we also employ the Domino ink jetting system to provide personalised polywrapping services.


  • Polywrap is lighter than an envelope, allowing you to keep your package under the postal weight bands.
  • It serves as protection for your brochure, book, magazine or catalogue by keeping it clean, safe and dry.
  • Polywrap affords visibility, giving full view of its contents and thus resulting in immediate impact upon delivery.
  • Polywrap can be clear or printed (including completely opaque) depending on the type of marketing you need.

Our Mailing offers various services to meet your polywrapping needs. For smaller quantities, we recommend polybagging over polywrapping (same material but enclosed by hand with self-seal bags).

We are proud to have a high speed polywrapping capability that makes us superior to our competitors. For more information or a reasonable quote, please use this contact form or call us on Tel : 6292 2565

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