Envelope Enclosing / Insertion

Envelope Enclosing / Insertion

Envelope inserting has always been at the heart of mailing services and although the machinery has improved over the years the basic principles of machine enclosing remain the same.

Our envelope enclosing lines are able to insert letters, leaflets, brochures etc. into envelopes. Our envelope inserting capabilities include:

  • Up to six inserts
  • DL to C4 envelope sizes
  • Windowed and non-windowed envelopes
  • Plain and printed envelopes


Whether you are looking to mail a simple folded letter or a mail-piece with several inserts the chances are you will consider sending the item out in an envelope. Envelopes might be considered more environmentally friendly than polywrap by the recipient and can look very professional. Your envelopes can be a simple design with maybe a PPI, a return address and recipient address or something more complex including printed logos, additional graphics or even full colour photographic ‘wraps’.

Our Mailing can help you with your design and will guide you through the elements which are sometimes required depending on the postal service that you are using. (for example CBC or OCR)

Examples of letter mailings we handle includes:

  • General business correspondence
  • Magazine subscription renewals letters
  • Acquisition campaigns
  • Cross selling marketing initiatives
  • Donation appeals
  • Sales letters and quotes

USEFUL GUIDES A4 into C5 Window Address Position Guide –

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